Bug Report: Remove These Headers

Hilario Fochi Silveira hilario at soliton.com.br
Tue May 19 23:34:36 IST 2009

Before the bug, what I had was a 
remove.headers.rules file with instructions like 
the ones bellow for each domain:

# For each domain:
From:   *@domain1.com.br 
X-Mozilla-Status: X-Mozilla-Status2: X-Spam-Processed:

# And again, for each domain:
To:     *@domain1.com.br 
Confirm-Reading-To: Delivery-Receipt-To: 
Disposition-Notification-To: Errors-To: 
MDRcpt-To: MDSend-Notifications-To: 
Read-Receipt-To: Receipt-Requested-To: 
Return-Receipt-To: Status: Smtp-Rcpt-To: 
X-Acknowledge-To: X-Confirm-Reading-To: 
X-IMAPBase: X-IMAP: X-Keywords: X-Mozilla-Status: 
X-Mozilla-Status2: X-PMrqc: X-Spam-Processed: X-Status: X-UID: X-UIDL:

When I created those rules a year ago, I thought 
that as the "From" rules do not exclude the 
receipt requests headers, it should allow our 
hosted domains to request receive receipt, but 
silently remove those headers on reception. It 
works (worked before the bug) for every emails 
received as well as all emails sent UNLESS the 
sent email also has a copy to some of the domains 
we host. In that case all headers are removed on 
the OUTGOING emails as well. But that we did not wanted !

But my biggest problem is that the file does not 
work anymore at all. As far as I can tell it is a 
bug or incompatibility introduced in version 4.75.11-1


P.S. Is this the correct place to report MailScanner bugs?

At 17:52 2009-05-19, you wrote:
>Do you have the proper settings in place to 
>separate recipients when more than one recipient 
>"hits"? If you don't separate "those whom the 
>rules apply to" and "those whom the rules don't 
>apply to" (hope the grammar police don't kill me 
>for that one) then, if I recall correctly, the "don't" part "wins".
>On Tue, May 19, 2009 at 3:37 PM, Hilario Fochi 
>Silveira <<mailto:hilario at soliton.com.br>hilario at soliton.com.br> wrote:
>If we send separate emails to outside and to 
>inside accounts, it works. This problem occurs 
>only when a single email is sent to both inside and outside accounts at once.
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