spamaction highscore rules.

Kasper Sacharias Eenberg kse at
Wed May 13 09:10:03 IST 2009

So, i embarassed myself to my company yesterday.

I managed to write a highscore rule that passed on all spam mails, that
it should be dropping.
But nevermind that.

My problem is, i have two domains.

The .de company wants to receive all spam mails. They receive alot of
mails from China and russia, which normally get tagged as spam (Since i
took over the filter it now work quite well though, ignoring them).

However, som spam mails are sent with both the .de and .dk domain in the
'to' header.
And when the .de domain is in the recipient, the rule that delivers mail
to .de takes action, and the spam is delivered to the .dk.

It seems "Use Default Rules With Multiple Recipients = yes" does not

These are the rules:
To:    deliver
FromOrTo:       default         forward isspam at localhost

Live long and prosper,


Kasper Eenberg

Ravnevej 13   
dk-6705 Esbjerg Ø
tlf:   +45 76 12 59 04
mobil: +45 40 70 69 63

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