Too Large or Too small or neither?????

Mike M mrm at
Wed May 6 15:49:14 IST 2009

Mike M wrote:
> After updating to 4.76.23 from 4.74 today I had some users complain 
> about not getting some messages.   Here is a portion of the error they get:
> <snip>
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> The original e-mail message, or an attachment it contained, was too 
> large and has been removed.
> <snip>
> At Tue May  5 13:15:51 2009 the content filters said:
>    MailScanner: Attachment is too small
> <snip>
> ---------
> All of the messages I've looked at with this problem appear to have both 
> text and html versions.   There's an example of a quarantined message 
> at:
> If it would be helpful to see the qf file just let me know.
> I have changed the min attachment size from 1 to 0 for now so that 
> hopefully these messages can go through, but I don't know what it is 
> about these html emails that is triggering the attachment size filter. 
> Oh and MailScanner --lint shows no errors.   Any clues??

CORRECTION: It is happening to just plain text messages as well.   What 
should I be looking for to determine why Mailscanner is thinking 
messages have 0 byte attachments when I can't find anything in the qf or 
df files in the quarantine that look like any sort of attachment is 
included with the email?

Does the fact that the error message states that the attachment is too 
large in one spot and too small in another indicate anything special 
that might point me in the right direction to troubleshoot?    I've been 
using MailScanner for years and have never had a problem upgrading 
countless times before, but this is occuring on more then one server 
since I upgraded yesterday.

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