Too Large or Too small or neither?????

Mike M mrm at
Tue May 5 23:38:34 IST 2009

After updating to 4.76.23 from 4.74 today I had some users complain 
about not getting some messages.   Here is a portion of the error they get:

The original e-mail message, or an attachment it contained, was too 
large and has been removed.


At Tue May  5 13:15:51 2009 the content filters said:
    MailScanner: Attachment is too small


All of the messages I've looked at with this problem appear to have both 
text and html versions.   There's an example of a quarantined message 

If it would be helpful to see the qf file just let me know.

I have changed the min attachment size from 1 to 0 for now so that 
hopefully these messages can go through, but I don't know what it is 
about these html emails that is triggering the attachment size filter. 
Oh and MailScanner --lint shows no errors.   Any clues??


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