Common SQL Backend for several MailScanner clients.

Julian Field MailScanner at
Sat May 2 01:13:03 IST 2009

That sounds mostly like SpamAssassin and MailWatch issues, not directly 
MailScanner related. Am I correct or not? MailScanner's use of SQL is 
strictly limited and not much can be gained by sharing its SQL databases 
(there are only about 2 tables).

On 01/05/2009 07:16, Kasper Sacharias Eenberg wrote:
> Good morning.
> Can you have several MailScanner clients, that all run on a single SQL
> Database.
> That includes a bayesian filter, but afaik that shouldn't cause any
> problems, as it's already shared between users on some servers.
> The logging is through SQL ofcourse, as we use the mailwatch front-end.
> Will this create any problems that anyone can foresee?
> The reasoning behind this would be common logging, so we wouldn't have
> to edit several white/blacklists, check several filters for what went
> through and so on.
> And my boss does not want clustering, as depending on the bandwidth it
> uses, we might spread them out over several geographical locations.
> Thanks for the great software.
> With regards,
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