Common SQL Backend for several MailScanner clients.

Kasper Sacharias Eenberg kse at
Fri May 1 07:16:48 IST 2009

Good morning.

Can you have several MailScanner clients, that all run on a single SQL
That includes a bayesian filter, but afaik that shouldn't cause any
problems, as it's already shared between users on some servers.

The logging is through SQL ofcourse, as we use the mailwatch front-end.

Will this create any problems that anyone can foresee?

The reasoning behind this would be common logging, so we wouldn't have
to edit several white/blacklists, check several filters for what went
through and so on.

And my boss does not want clustering, as depending on the bandwidth it
uses, we might spread them out over several geographical locations.

Thanks for the great software.
With regards,


Kasper Eenberg

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