Can be done with mailscanner ?

Eduardo Casarero ecasarero at
Mon Mar 23 19:20:07 GMT 2009

2009/3/23 Sergio Rabellino <rabellino at>:
> Sorry if I bother you with this question, but i've not found any config line
> explaining anything similar to the following:
> if I would remove ALL the attachments from ALL messages, then archive the
> attachments into a web accessible filesystem, and substituting every
> attachment with a link to the hashed (secured with an hmac) web storage,
> this can be done now with MS?
> Maybe a different behaviour if the mail is coming out or getting in would be
> useful, or different by domain. The Inboxes will be smaller, and if I
> receive an attachment directed to 500 users, i will store only one copy of
> the attachment.
> What the list think about ?

it's an interesting view, it would be like an "uploadbin" but its
usefull? thinking in the user view, how can i search a file in a bunch
of links? having an uploadbin server separated from your mail server
would not be better? giving some training to your users might be more
usefull, that trying to do it with mailscanner.

I did a custom patch in the uploadbin code, that after you upload the
file you could specify the email of the people that had to download de
file, so you did not have to send a email, the system did that and
send de proper links.

hope my english was not too rough :P

my 5 cents.


> As usual, thanks to JF and the others programmers for MS.
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