MailScanner process stop doing anything?

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Fri Mar 20 18:57:02 GMT 2009

Dodson, Ron a écrit :
> Running MailScanner 4.31.6 on Solaris 9, Sun v440 with 4 processors. 
> It seems like the MailScanner process just stop doing anything after a 
> few minutes. They’re still running, but no messages are moving from in 
> queue to out.
> I’m doing only virus scanning, no spam assassin or anything else. I 
> have a lyris mailing list server sending large blasts of mail to my 
> MailScanner server, in addition to it handling normal incoming and 
> outgoing mail. It’s configured not to scan anything coming from the 
> Lyris server. Running 10 children, mailscanner work directory on tmpfs.
> At the moment I have over 60,000 messages in the in queue, I’ve been 
> manually re-starting mailscanner every 10 minutes or so. Whenever I 
> restart, it does 3 or 4 batches and then seems to stop doing anything 
> again. Meanwhile the in queue grows ever larger.
> Ron Dodson
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> Lockheed Martin
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You version of MS is so old that it probably does not have this feature:
# If more messages are found in the queue than this, then switch to an
# "accelerated" mode of processing messages. This will cause it to stop
# scanning messages in strict date order, but in the order it finds them
# in the queue. If your queue is bigger than this size a lot of the time,
# then some messages could be greatly delayed. So treat this option as
# "in emergency only".
Max Normal Queue Size = 800

This would really help your server process those emails faster.


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