Office 2007 is a problem for me.

Jeffrey Haas jeffrey at
Wed Mar 18 00:19:10 GMT 2009

Not sure if this is helpful, but we were seeing Office 2007 files being
caught by mismatches from the 'file' command when OLE portions in the
.docx file would match some of the more arcane executable types.

I changed the following line in /opt/MailScanner/etc/filetypes.rules.conf:
#deny   executable      No executables          No programs allowed
deny    MS-DOS executable       No executables          No programs allowed

That's worked well so far.


Zate Berg wrote:
> Hello,
> MailScanner is working wonderfully, except for Office 2007 files.  I 
> find that a lot of these files contain other blocked file contents, and 
> are treated just like any other archive.  Has anyone found a way to deal 
> with these types of files without having to white list extensions that 
> are known to be bad?  I'd rather not have to allow *.bin , *.wmf or 
> *.dat files through my mailscanner.
> thanks.
> Zate

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