Spamassassin cache in mysql - feature request

infernix infernix at
Tue Mar 17 14:30:25 GMT 2009


I've got a few mailscanner nodes in a cluster which all have their own 
local sqlite spamassassin cache. They all process mail for the same 
domains in a round robin fashion. I looked at for the code that 
does the caching and it seems that it should be easily adaptable to 
support a mysql server.

Would it be possible to add support for this so that the cache can be 
stored in mysql? This would allow for a centralized spamassassin cache 
which, for obvious reasons, would be a nice performance benefit for 
those that use MailScanner in a multi node setup. I'll give it a shot 
myself but I'm not great with perl. If I do come up with a patch (read: 
hack) I will post it.



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