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On 11/3/09 15:53, Jonas Akrouh Larsen wrote:
> If we had  a higher volume of mail traffic (much much higher) i would
> definately look into BarricadeMX.
> However compared to a normal commercial AV license its quite expensive + it
> becomes more expensive when scaling ( ie. the max domains allowed system)
> My point was that, since you need normal AV scanning in any case, maybe some
> vendors supplied Antispam scanning as well as anti virus scanning for the
> same price.
BarricadeMX will happily talk to ClamAV for AV scanning, and it will 
save you considerable expense on hardware as one server running 
BarricadeMX can handle many millions of messages per day. In your price 
comparisons, do include the TCO including the repeated cost of the 
hardware to run it on!
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> I would have to very strongly recommend BarricadeMX from Fort Systems.
> It's cheap, it will save you a lot in MailScanner hardware, and it
> *really* does work. Very well.
> Jules.
> he website!


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