Archive Mail format

Jason Voorhees jvoorhees1 at
Mon Mar 2 14:33:59 GMT 2009

Hi there:

I'm using Archiving feature of MailScanner 4.74.16-1 with this setting:

Archive Mail =  %rules-dir%/mail.archiving.rules

The content of mail.archiving.rules is:

To:             *
From:         *

MailScanner stores mail OK, I can browse e-mail classified by each
user but there are some things about this that I'm not really sure:

1. MailScanner isn't supposed to archive every mail in Mbox format?
Every archived mai it doesn't seem like a mbox message, the "file"
command says the email message is only "data", and the content hasn't
the order of a real e-mail message.
Am I doing something wrong in my settings? How can I store email in
mbox format o something legible?

2. Every archived mail is named as a queue file, something like
68CB2B4D2C2.1F599. Is it possible to define the way MS names its
archived mails? Maybe something numerically sequential.

Any help will be really appreciated, thanks

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