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>>The only mailscanner variables we monitor is the presence of the mailscanner
>>process and ascoiated processes. And the avg. batch scan speeds.
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>>On Fri, 27 Feb 2009, Eduardo Casarero wrote:
>>> Hi everybody, is anyone using nagios to monitor MailScanner? i was
>>> looking for some plugins to check mailscanner status, queues, etc. The
>>> basic server monitoring is already set up, but if someone has already
>>> coded some custom plugins for mailscanner and wants to share i would be
>>> very happy :D
>>> if not, i'll have to do it my self.
>>What exactly do you want to monitor?  There are already plugins to check
>>status of processes, and MailScanner itself doesn't have queues: the
>>queues are for the MTA, and there are plugins to check them too.  What
>>MailScanner-specific items do you want to monitor that are not covered by
>>the present Nagios plugins?
> One directory that we monitor is the /var/spool/mqueue.in for the MailScanner
> inbound queue.  The default Nagios plugin check_mailq will only get the
> default sendmail outbound queue in /var/spool/mqueue.  The code below is
> a little crude but it works...
>  MQ_DIR=/var/spool/mqueue.in
>  MQ_IN_COUNT=`sudo /bin/ls -l $MQ_DIR/ | wc -l | awk '{print $1}'`
> Another useful Nagios script to run using NRPE is inbound and outbound
> queues by domains.  If you have an important domain that you host which
> has common connectivity problems, then it's good to know when outbound
> mail to that domain is backing up.
> MQ_COUNT=`sudo mailq -qR$DOMAIN | grep -i "Total requests:" | awk '{print $3}'`
> Just wrap your normal beginning (check args) and ending (exit codes)
> Nagios plugin stuff around the above two snippets to make two scripts.
> You will need to have your "nagios" ID setup in sudo to make them work.
> And don't forget to disable the "requiretty" line in sudoers.
> Dave

Thanks! this was what i was looking for!

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