Semi-OT: Rule2XSBody

Stef Morrell stef at
Fri Jun 26 12:39:54 IST 2009


I see the new wiki page recommends compiling the regex for the
Rule2XSBody plugin. 

What I can't see from the Rule2XSBody or sa-compile documentation is how
this copes with rule changes. 

A quick google only had one opinion
( which suggests for
every rule change, a new compile is required.

Unfortunately, it takes quite a long time to compile all the rules and
considering the download of Julian's spear phishing every hour, I could
end up spending more CPU time compiling rules, than applying them to

The question then, is how to resolve the dichotomy. I may well have
rules which supercede, replace, or add to the compiled rules. Equally,
some of the compiled rules may be out of date and shouldn't be there.

Do I, in fact, need to perform a new compile for each and every rule
change (in which case, it's not worth me using compiled rules) or does
spamassassin somehow 'know' which rules have changed in the source
files, so I can run a compile perhaps once a day.


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