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Julian Field MailScanner at
Fri Jun 26 13:36:21 IST 2009

On 26/06/2009 12:39, Stef Morrell wrote:
> Hello,
> I see the new wiki page recommends compiling the regex for the
> Rule2XSBody plugin.
> What I can't see from the Rule2XSBody or sa-compile documentation is how
> this copes with rule changes.
> A quick google only had one opinion
> ( which suggests for
> every rule change, a new compile is required.
> Unfortunately, it takes quite a long time to compile all the rules and
> considering the download of Julian's spear phishing every hour, I could
> end up spending more CPU time compiling rules, than applying them to
> spam.
> The question then, is how to resolve the dichotomy. I may well have
> rules which supercede, replace, or add to the compiled rules. Equally,
> some of the compiled rules may be out of date and shouldn't be there.
> Do I, in fact, need to perform a new compile for each and every rule
> change (in which case, it's not worth me using compiled rules) or does
> spamassassin somehow 'know' which rules have changed in the source
> files, so I can run a compile perhaps once a day.
Rules that aren't sa-compiled will still be used, and you don't have to 
compile all your local rulesets. I just run sa-compile after sa-update 
in /usr/sbin/update_spamassassin and leave all my local rulesets as is. 
Seems to work fine for me.


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