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How about we start with

MTA Blacklists: Zen, BRBL,
MTA checks: no invalid recipients or domains at SMTP time, greet-pause, 
grey-listing? How to get list of valid recipients out of Exchange, or 
configure Exchange to reject invalid recipients at SMTP time?
ClamAV: sane-security -- Which ones? Where's the table that lists the 
pros and cons? What are the basic ones that everyone should use?
SA rulesets: SARE, KAM, sought, what others?
SA tools: razor, DCC, pyzor?
MailScanner Virus Scanners: clamd, other commercial fast ones? 
sophossavi, f-prot, f-secure?
MailScanner: Don't use MCP.
JKF tools: Version 2 of anti-phishing and anti-spear-phishing rulesets.
DNS: Get feed of ZEN and SURBL, use one DNS server running rbldnsd for 
these zones.

What else have I forgotten?

Please can people start sending me links to the relevant sites/pages for 
everything I have mentioned above, together with a brief summary of what 
is legal/illegal use of anything.

On 25/06/2009 19:48, Julian Field wrote:
> There have been a few threads recently on the subject of the optimum 
> setup, provided you have limitless resources to throw at it.
> It would be very good for us to maintain a wiki page or web page that 
> included the outcomes of these discussions.
> I will happily try to maintain the page, if you can point me at what 
> you think are the best things to put on it.
> I'm not talking the basics, like ClamAV and SA, but the more 
> interesting bits such as what rulesets to use with SA and what 
> phishing/spam sigs to add to ClamAV (in addition to a link to the 
> table somewhere that tells you what the characteristics of each sig 
> set are), and all that sort of stuff. This doesn't change very often, 
> but there have been a few new additions in the past few months.
> So please can you start feeding me info to put on it, in addition to a 
> link to where to get each of the resources you mention. How about we 
> start with a contributor to each of the recent threads on this subject?
> Thanks folks!
> Jules


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