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Thu Jun 25 19:48:10 IST 2009

There have been a few threads recently on the subject of the optimum 
setup, provided you have limitless resources to throw at it.
It would be very good for us to maintain a wiki page or web page that 
included the outcomes of these discussions.
I will happily try to maintain the page, if you can point me at what you 
think are the best things to put on it.

I'm not talking the basics, like ClamAV and SA, but the more interesting 
bits such as what rulesets to use with SA and what phishing/spam sigs to 
add to ClamAV (in addition to a link to the table somewhere that tells 
you what the characteristics of each sig set are), and all that sort of 
stuff. This doesn't change very often, but there have been a few new 
additions in the past few months.

So please can you start feeding me info to put on it, in addition to a 
link to where to get each of the resources you mention. How about we 
start with a contributor to each of the recent threads on this subject?

Thanks folks!


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