Possible config option to skip filename/filettype checks for the message body?

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Tue Jun 9 20:17:25 IST 2009

on 6-9-2009 11:52 AM PSI Mailbag spake the following:
> On 22/05/2009 04:43, Julian Field wrote:
>> Just use a ruleset on "Allow Filenames" and "Allow Filetypes", with
> "."
>> as the value for messages you don't want to check. That will allow any
>> filename containing any character.
>> On 20/05/2009 05:07, PSI Mailbag wrote:
>>> Hey Jules + List,
>>>   What do you guys/gals think about a config option to bypass the
>>> filename/filetype checks on the message body? Very frequently, I get
>>> messages being blocked because "file" (and even when used in the
> mime
>>> only option) detects regular chatter as being a file that shouldn't
> be
>>> sent:
> <snip>
>>>   In my mind I see a config option that would allow you to bypass
> the
>>> "file" results from the content extracted from the message body
>>> (msg-*.txt), while still allowing it to properly run against regular
>>> attachments.
> Hey Jules, can we revisit this? It's true that your suggested config
> would work in this case, but it would also disable all file/content
> checking in the process (which kind of defeats the purpose). Even if
> "Allow Filenames" was set to \.txt$, the attachment is still removed as
> it matches the content type, and a lot of the definitions in file's
> magic file are poorly built (such as "Candidate" at the start of a file
> for certain Quicktime files, etc).
> Is there another config suggestion that I can use without fully
> disabling all filename/filetype checks? Since MS extracts the message
> body for AV processing, I figured an ideal solution was to be able to
> flag message body's as not being scanned for filetype checks to prevent
> the false positives, while still allowing regular attachments to be
> scanned and filtered.
> Thanks,
> -Joshua
I changed my magic file for some of the more often FP'd quicktime files.

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