Possible config option to skip filename/filettype checks for the message body?

PSI Mailbag mailbag at partnersolutions.ca
Tue Jun 9 19:52:37 IST 2009

On 22/05/2009 04:43, Julian Field wrote:
> Just use a ruleset on "Allow Filenames" and "Allow Filetypes", with
> as the value for messages you don't want to check. That will allow any
> filename containing any character.
> On 20/05/2009 05:07, PSI Mailbag wrote:
> > Hey Jules + List,
> >
> >   What do you guys/gals think about a config option to bypass the
> > filename/filetype checks on the message body? Very frequently, I get
> > messages being blocked because "file" (and even when used in the
> > only option) detects regular chatter as being a file that shouldn't
> > sent:


> >   In my mind I see a config option that would allow you to bypass
> > "file" results from the content extracted from the message body
> > (msg-*.txt), while still allowing it to properly run against regular
> > attachments.

Hey Jules, can we revisit this? It's true that your suggested config
would work in this case, but it would also disable all file/content
checking in the process (which kind of defeats the purpose). Even if
"Allow Filenames" was set to \.txt$, the attachment is still removed as
it matches the content type, and a lot of the definitions in file's
magic file are poorly built (such as "Candidate" at the start of a file
for certain Quicktime files, etc).

Is there another config suggestion that I can use without fully
disabling all filename/filetype checks? Since MS extracts the message
body for AV processing, I figured an ideal solution was to be able to
flag message body's as not being scanned for filetype checks to prevent
the false positives, while still allowing regular attachments to be
scanned and filtered.


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