Problem with SAVI-perl module

Anthony Peacock a.peacock at
Mon Jun 8 16:34:12 IST 2009

Anthony Peacock wrote:
> Hi,
> Just noticed some files getting quarantined with the following error 
> message...
> "Report: SophosSAVI: SSO Instructions etc.zipx caused an error: Not 
> supported in this SAVI implementation (527)"
> After a little investigation I discovered that this is related to the 
> SAVI-perl interface.  Using the normal Sophos command line client checks 
> these files without error.
> For now I have reverted MailScanner to using the Sophos wrapper, and I 
> may pursue the SAVI-perl side with the module developer.

PS, I am aware that this may be a Sophos SAVI issue as well.  I just 
haven't got that far in investigating the problem.

> My MailScanner question is...
> I am not familier with the zipx (StuffIt) files.  I think I could use 
> the "Allowed Sophos Error Messages" config to ignore these errors from 
> the SAVI interface, but how safe would this be?

Anthony Peacock
CHIME, UCL Medical School
Study Health Informatics - Modular Postgraduate Degree

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