Problem with SAVI-perl module

Anthony Peacock a.peacock at
Mon Jun 8 15:55:07 IST 2009


Just noticed some files getting quarantined with the following error 

"Report: SophosSAVI: SSO Instructions etc.zipx caused an error: Not 
supported in this SAVI implementation (527)"

After a little investigation I discovered that this is related to the 
SAVI-perl interface.  Using the normal Sophos command line client checks 
these files without error.

For now I have reverted MailScanner to using the Sophos wrapper, and I 
may pursue the SAVI-perl side with the module developer.

My MailScanner question is...

I am not familier with the zipx (StuffIt) files.  I think I could use 
the "Allowed Sophos Error Messages" config to ignore these errors from 
the SAVI interface, but how safe would this be?

Anthony Peacock
CHIME, UCL Medical School
Study Health Informatics - Modular Postgraduate Degree

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