MS store spam ruleset possible?

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Mon Jun 8 08:37:05 IST 2009

You could do it as a Custom Function. You would have to work out a hash 
of the body of the message, look it up in a little database (SQLite or 
db file preferred) and only store the message if it didn't appear, then 
update the database to stop it being stored again.

Shouldn't take too long for a decent Perl developer to write. But I have 
no plans to put it in the core of MailScanner.

If you want to pay me to write it, then we could negotiate a suitable 
payment for the job.


On 08/06/2009 05:18, Zaeem Arshad wrote:
> Hi List,
> Is it possible to have a rule-set or some knob in MS to store only the 
> first high scoring spam message? I need this because at times when I 
> get a spam attack, there are a few thousand high scoring spam emails 
> all having the same content. My MS setting is to score high scoring 
> spam for building a spam corpus and I'd like to store just the first 
> email and send the rest to oblivion. It will save valuable disk space 
> and scan time.
> Regards
> --
> Zaeem


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