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Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at
Mon Jul 20 17:24:41 IST 2009

Jonas A. Larsen wrote:
> I believe i'm the one who mentioned it, and the product i was talking
> about was f-secure. 
> I can see that Alex says that avira apparently does it as well,
> although I think I'd prefer f-secure over avira (although that may be
> based simply on f-secure having a better reputation in my head)  
> I use it on our scanners and can only recommend its use.
> We use f-secure, clamav and nod32 on our scanners.

I'm also using f-secure.  Their product is a suite of various security utilities.  When you install it, run the installer with the --command-line-only switch or you'll get a whole lot of junk that you probably don't want in addition to the command line scanner.

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