text/plain aka 'Add Text of Html' ?

Todd T. Fries todd at fries.net
Sun Jul 19 22:19:06 IST 2009

I recently upgraded and noticed that recently MailScanner has added a
new setting/feature 'Add Text Of Doc' using antiword.

Is there any merit for 'Add Text Of Html' ?

For those of us using cli/text mail readers (mutt, pine, elm, mail, etc)
would it not be useful to permit a text version of the html file?

I've recently started getting more and more mail that is html only, i.e.
they don't even bother or expect it is useful to add the text/play attachment.

Separately, I know blackberry does a stupid thing when replying to email, and
that is it claims the body of the message is text/plain but it is straight base64.

This is fine, but I have some people I communicate with who want to see text/plain
as readable ascii by 'cat' etc.

Any thoughts?
Todd Fries .. todd at fries.net

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