Installation on Fedora 11

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MailScanner --version  showed an IO module with the version 1.23_01

So - all should be well

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> On 01/07/2009 17:56, The Antique Centre wrote:
> > I have struggled to install MailScanner on Fedora 11
> > The switch of rpms within Fedora to i586 means that the
> > script picks up the default architecture (on my machine) as being i586.
> > This means that at the end of the script it attempts to install
> > tnef-1.4.5.i586.rpm, but the one within the MailScanner tarball is
> > tnef-1.4.5.i386.rpm.
> > I could have either altered the script or just have
> > installed tnef-1.4.5.i386.rpm manually, but found an rpm from
> >
> > <>
> > added this instead to satisfy the rpm installation
> > I now have MailScanner installed and it starts OK without any errors -
> > but have not yet had time to try it out
> > However, one of the perl modules just will not compile correctly
> > perl-IO-1.2301-4.src.rpm
> > no matter what I do
> Don't worry too much, you probably have a very recent version of Perl's
> IO module installed anyway. You can find out your version of it by doing
> "MailScanner --version".
> At some point I will try the build on FC11 and see what works and what
> doesn't and try to fix the outstanding problems.
> It's generally considered a pretty bad idea to run a MailScanner server
> (which after all is a core production server in your setup) on something
> which has such a short life as Fedora.
> Please note this is *NOT* a cue for a flame war.
> In 18 months time at most, you'll have to totally rebuild it all on the
> next version of Fedora in order to keep getting security patches and
> updates. A far safer move, which will cause you no more work now and a
> lot *less* work down the line, is to use something like CentOS 5.3, for
> which there will be patches for plenty of time yet. There are a bunch of
> MailScanner users who are very keen on running it on Fedora, but this is
> generally frowned upon by any of us who do this on a large scale for a
> living. Do you really want to have to rebuild everything every 18 months?!
> > But - does this matter if MailScanner installs OK and starts OK ?
> > I have read on the Fedora website that it can be built if the
> > Buildarch parameter is deleted or commented out - but how do I do that?
> You have to mess with the spec file and rebuild the RPM from that, which
> is probably unnecessary. I wouldn't worry about it :-)
> Jules
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