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Scott Silva ssilva at
Fri Jan 9 18:55:57 GMT 2009

on 1-9-2009 10:45 AM Dave Filchak spake the following:
> Just wanted to pass on my thanks to Kai, Glenn and Scott and any I
> missed, for helping me with my MS Upgrade issues. As I said, it had been
> a while since I had dealt with this stuff so it was a bit of a learning
> curve. It all seems to be working pretty well now so I will be watching
> it closely over the next few days. Just need to do a bit of tweaking
> with the rules I think.
> As the version I was using was pretty old, is there anywhere I can find
> an explanation of the new config directives since 4.6.x ?
> Again, thank you everyone for your help.
> Dave

Buying the book is the best option, but here is a listing of all the config

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