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Scott Silva wrote:
> on 1-9-2009 10:45 AM Dave Filchak spake the following:
>> Just wanted to pass on my thanks to Kai, Glenn and Scott and any I
>> missed, for helping me with my MS Upgrade issues. As I said, it had been
>> a while since I had dealt with this stuff so it was a bit of a learning
>> curve. It all seems to be working pretty well now so I will be watching
>> it closely over the next few days. Just need to do a bit of tweaking
>> with the rules I think.
>> As the version I was using was pretty old, is there anywhere I can find
>> an explanation of the new config directives since 4.6.x ?
>> Again, thank you everyone for your help.
>> Dave
> Buying the book is the best option, but here is a listing of all the config
> options.
I do own the first edition of the book. Just need to update the newer 
config options.

One last error I found so maybe you can comment. I am seeing the 
following error in maillog:

Cannot lock /var/spool/MailScanner/incoming/Locks/clamavBusy.lock, 
Permission denied

So I checked the permissions there and the Locks directory is owned by 
postfix.root and the locks inside are all owned by root.root. 
MailScanner runs as postfix and clamd runs as clamav. Should the 
clamavBusy.lock be owned by postfix.clamav? Also, I was sure I had 
changed these permissions earlier in this and it appears as though they 
have been reset, So I need to set a sticky bit?


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