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John Wilcock john at
Thu Feb 12 10:49:09 GMT 2009

Le 12/02/2009 11:34, John Wilcock a écrit :
>  From the header_checks manpage:
> DUNNO Pretend that the input line did not match any pat-
> tern, and inspect the next input line. This action
> can be used to shorten the table search.
> For backwards compatibility reasons, Postfix also
> accepts OK but it is (and always has been) treated
> as DUNNO.

Oops - pushed send a bit quickly.

Should have mentioned that the easiest solution to your problem is not 
to persuade postfix to bypass MailScanner altogether, but to use a 
ruleset within MailScanner to avoid the spam checks.

Spam Checks = %rules-dir%/spam.checks.rules

where the spam.checks.rules file contains something like

From:  no #Mailscanner list
From: no #SpamAssassin list
FromOrTo:       default yes

This also has the advantage of still doing virus checks on your mailing 


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