Spam Actions bounce

Frank Cusack fcusack at
Tue Dec 1 05:56:37 GMT 2009

Why does "Spam Actions" have a bounce action available but "High Scoring
Spam Actions" does not?  And what is the interaction with "Enable Spam
Bounce"?  Does "Enable Spam Bounce" have to be yes and then also "Spam
Actions" has to be bounce to bounce a given mail?  From the example
bounce.rules it doesn't seem so since there is a stern warning that the
default rule must not be yes.  If both the "Enable Spam Bounce" and the
"Spam Actions" had to be on then said warning wouldn't be necessary
because merely enabling the bounce rule doesn't mean that it a bounce
is sent, it just means that the Spam Actions bounce action can then take
effect.  But perhaps that warning is just a scare tactic (make sure you
know what you're doing), because from the "Enable Spam Bounce" description
it does seem that both settings have to be on.

If in fact both settings have to be on in order to bounce a spam, what
happens if your only action in "Spam Actions" is bounce?  Is there a
default action?  What if you have bounce plus other actions?  Is the
bounce action simply ignored?

I think I'd really like to have bounce capability for "High Scoring Spam
Actions" as well.  I don't understand why you would limit the bounce
action to only low-scoring spam since the action itself doesn't make
sense for spam in general.

Sorry that I'm packing so many questions in here but I figure better
to get it all in one email than to do a long back and forth.

ps. the deeper i get into mailscanner the more i like it!

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