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Tue Dec 1 13:05:18 GMT 2009

2009/12/1 Frank Cusack <fcusack at>:
> Why does "Spam Actions" have a bounce action available but "High Scoring
> Spam Actions" does not?  And what is the interaction with "Enable Spam
> Bounce"?  Does "Enable Spam Bounce" have to be yes and then also "Spam
> Actions" has to be bounce to bounce a given mail?  From the example
> bounce.rules it doesn't seem so since there is a stern warning that the
> default rule must not be yes.  If both the "Enable Spam Bounce" and the
> "Spam Actions" had to be on then said warning wouldn't be necessary
> because merely enabling the bounce rule doesn't mean that it a bounce
> is sent, it just means that the Spam Actions bounce action can then take
> effect.  But perhaps that warning is just a scare tactic (make sure you
> know what you're doing), because from the "Enable Spam Bounce" description
> it does seem that both settings have to be on.
> If in fact both settings have to be on in order to bounce a spam, what
> happens if your only action in "Spam Actions" is bounce?  Is there a
> default action?  What if you have bounce plus other actions?  Is the
> bounce action simply ignored?
> I think I'd really like to have bounce capability for "High Scoring Spam
> Actions" as well.  I don't understand why you would limit the bounce
> action to only low-scoring spam since the action itself doesn't make
> sense for spam in general.
Because the "High Scoring Spam" is very very likely to be shite, it
would be idiotic to bounce it. If anything, shove it into the

> Sorry that I'm packing so many questions in here but I figure better
> to get it all in one email than to do a long back and forth.
Yet you lack one:
Should you really use the bounce feature of MailScanner at all?
In almost all cases the answer is a resounding "NO!"...;-)

> thanks
> -frank
> ps. the deeper i get into mailscanner the more i like it!
Yes, that is as expected;-).
Remember that Jules (and a few others, but mainly Jules) has been
tinkering with it for very many years now, constantly adding a feature
here and a feature there... So that MS caters to a lot of tastes and
have the ability to fulfill even the most moronic of policies ... That
doesn't mean one have to actually USE all features provided;-);-)

-- Glenn
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