Preventing multple signatures in email conversation?

Anthony Cartmell ajcartmell at
Thu Apr 30 09:09:23 IST 2009

>> Interestingly, the MailScanner footer is preceeded by dash dash space
>> and doesn't appear in the reply.  You're signature just has dashes
>> but I presume it originally had a space following.

Kai's message appears correctly in Opera, his signature is recognised and  
is displayed in grey rather than black.

> Right.
> So where is that
>> getting stripped?  Do email clients parse from the bottom up until
>> they see the last instance of dash dash space and then change any
>> others to just dual dashes?
> Yes, it looks like that. My client is doing the same. I thought it's the
> QP, but it's the duplicate signature marker.
> No message should have two signature seperators. I would have already
> complained with Julian, if I had a better solution ;-)

Opera is quite happy with two signature separators in a message, it simply  
treats the first one as the start of the signature: all text after it is  
in grey. Further signature separator lines are simply treated as part of  
the signature text.

This has a slight downside that if a dash-dash-space line appears in a  
digest email then all the following messages are treated as signature  
text, and shown in grey. Perhaps other mail clients work backwards from  
the end of the message to find the signature separator they are going to  
use, to avoid this particular problem?

Perhaps in an ideal world the signature would be a separate MIME part in  
the message, so we wouldn't need to resort to text parsing tricks to  
identify it...

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