Anyone have any experience with Avast AV?

Peter Farrow peter at
Wed Apr 29 23:04:49 IST 2009

Scott Silva wrote:
> on 4-29-2009 1:27 PM Dave Jones spake the following:
>> Anyone have any experience with Avast?  The pricing is much, much
>> cheaper than other commercial AV scanners so I wanted to make sure it
>> was good before I pursue switching to it.  It is not priced by the
>> mailbox so you can get a 3 year license for a pair of MailScanner
>> servers for roughly $8,000.  This would only cover about 4 months of
>> our current commercial AV license for 8K mailboxes.
> You could check if your desktop licensing entitles you to a commandline
> scanner for free. McAfee does, and I think symantec might. Maybe some others
> do also.
I use Avast AV on desktops and servers, and its the best AV product 
around IMHO.  Its lightweight so doesn't hog resources,  I come across 
machines infected with virsues when they use Norton (yuk) Mcaffee, AVG 
etc etc but never have I had to clean a machine that was running Avast, 
speaks volumes really.

Just my 10pence worth...


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