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Thu Apr 30 09:48:38 IST 2009

Hi All,


Recently I am finding that the amount of incoming mail through my
MailScanner Server  is really slowing down things.  There is a heavy load
now since I took on a domain that seems to me well spammed. Yesterdays
processing processed 22,000 emails @88% Spam approx.

Server Spec POWEREDGE 1850 XEON 2.8GHZ/2MB 800FSB - WITH 2 GIG RAM and RAID
1  Configuration on two Disks RPM 10K. Its Running Fedora Core 5, Send Mail
8.13.8-1.fc5 with MailScanner 4.69.7-1 with SA, Razor, DCC., MailWatch V1

Its working very well blocking spam, but only in the last couple of days its
got really slow. 

Any ideas on how to reduce the load on this server>? By blocking mail at the
MTA before it hits MS? OR Tweaking my processes?

What do the Experts think on the Server Spec, for the amount of traffic?

I'd appreciate any help





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