Differences in logwatch report using newest version

Steve Campbell campbell at cnpapers.com
Tue Apr 21 18:18:29 IST 2009

Never mind.

I went farther back in my reports and found the same differences. Seems 
it happens more often now than before, and I just never noticed it.


Steve Campbell wrote:
> It may not be broken, but I now notice that my logwatch report shows a 
> difference in mail reportedly scanned by MailScanner and mail 
> reportedly logged by MailWatch.
> The lines in particular from the report:
> 10325 messages Scanned by MailScanner
> 10323 Messages logged to MailWatch database
> If I'm not mistaken, these always used to equal the same amount of 
> messages. I just installed MailScanner version 4.75.11 when I noticed 
> the difference. Has logging changed or did I miss a config option?
> Steve Campbell

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