Spam Assassin - Rules Question

Andrews Carl 448 Carl.Andrews at
Tue Apr 21 19:44:48 IST 2009

I recently got to update a very out of date installation of MS and I
have been trying to find better or more spamassassin rules. I was using
rules_du_jour but that is obviously out of date. Now I am using the
spamassassin channels and the sare channels
from I also have KAM by Kevin McGrail. Would anyone be
willing to point me to more if you know of any? I have tried searching
but searching for "spamassassin rules/channels" is not doing too much
for me. I know I found out about the KAM rule from this newsgroup a
while back so I though I would check with you.
According to MailWatch my clean email percentage is not 38%, it was 70%
on the old version of MS, but I have a lot of messages that should be
marked spam but are not.
Thanks for your time!
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