MCP doesn't work anymore

Jason Voorhees jvoorhees1 at
Tue Sep 30 16:12:09 IST 2008

Hi all:

I'm running MailScanner 4.71.10 and I have a custom MCP rule in 
/etc/MailScanner/mcp/ to block emails containing 
"publicidad" in the Subject.
That MCP rule was working without problems but today it suddenly stopped 
working. I can see too many emails containing "publicidad" that are not 
being matched by the MCP rule.

I had similar problems with MailScanner package provided by Debian Etch 

Is there a way to know why MCP isn't working? Can I do some manual test 
to check if my MailScanner configuration is fine?

MailScanner --lint doesn't show any errors related to MCP nor 
SpamAssassin :(

Thanks, bytes :)

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