Customizing Spamassin use according to recipients

Alex Broens ms-list at
Tue Sep 30 17:34:37 IST 2008

Apologize for the Subject fauxpas
Had a dumb key cut on TB's Quicktext

On 9/30/2008 5:01 PM, ram wrote:
> I want to evaluate some spamassassin rules only when the mail is marked
> for some recipients 
> Can I do this ? I dont mind changing a little bit of the src if that is
> required 

if "marked" means sent To some recipients:

With SA:

header __TO_TESTUSER  ToCC: =~ /(?:testuser1|testuser2)\@example\.com/
body    __STRING_TO_TEST  /catch me/

score    TEST_RULE_TO_USERS12    1.0

is this what you are looking for?


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