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erwin lomibao wrote:
> Hello I'm a newbie in the list.
> Net install (!!), just download one file ( which:
> - determines the what unix it is running on
> - install (or upgrade) any missing modules and download them via apt,
> yum, port, emerge, pkg_add or whatever
> - ask to install (or upgrade) optional modules and download them
> - install (or upgrade to) the latest stable MailScanner
> - install the correct startup script for each distribution
> - setup a working MailScanner.conf by asking the basics (mail server,
> hostname, organization, enable av, spam checks, etc)
> - ??
> I know it would take a complete re-write of the but it's
> something I would wish to see.

Some of these things should not be in an install script. The
configuration part in particular should not be part of it. Just doing
the dependency stuff for all distributions would be a big PITA and
require a team of Julians.

There is however documentation intended for software package makers. It
is the main purpose of the whole LSB project. If Jules could make an LSB
compliant installation then some of the problems might go away. But it
will require a lot of rainy afternoons to get there.

But come to think of it it would be nice if the script would warn that
it will cause update conflicts because it will force some packages.
Preferably it should never use the force option or at least ask for
explicite permission to do so.


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