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Hello I'm a newbie in the list.
Net install (!!), just download one file ( which:
- determines the what unix it is running on
- install (or upgrade) any missing modules and download them via apt, yum,
port, emerge, pkg_add or whatever
- ask to install (or upgrade) optional modules and download them
- install (or upgrade to) the latest stable MailScanner
- install the correct startup script for each distribution
- setup a working MailScanner.conf by asking the basics (mail server,
hostname, organization, enable av, spam checks, etc)
- ??
I know it would take a complete re-write of the but it's
something I would wish to see.
On Sun, Sep 28, 2008 at 2:01 PM, Peter Nitschke <email at> wrote:

> Slightly related.
> The RPM has no space after empty config lines in MailScanner.conf eg "Run
> As User ="
> However upgrade_MailScanner_conf adds a space eg "Run As User = " which
> means you get a lot of extra lines cluttering up a diff of the old and new
> .conf files.
> Peter
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> On 27/09/2008 at 7:52 PM Julian Field wrote:
> >Hi folks!
> >
> >I haven't done anything to the installer in quite a long time.
> >Are there any improvements people would like to see, particularly in the
> >RPM installer as that's by far the most common distribution, and is used
> >by the least tech-savvy people who need the most guidance.
> >
> >Today I have done some work on both the README and the QuickInstall.txt
> >files, to bring the up to date and to simplify them.
> >
> >Also I have documented the "./ fast" option, so people who
> >read the docs know it exists, as it greatly speeds things up if you know
> >what you're doing and don't need to read all the output.
> >
> >But what would people like to see improved in the actual installation
> >script,
> >
> >Jules
> >
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