Improvements to ?

Andrew MacLachlan andrew at
Sun Sep 28 12:45:52 IST 2008

Hugo van der Kooij wrote:
> erwin lomibao wrote:
>> Hello I'm a newbie in the list.
>> Net install (!!), just download one file ( which:
>> - determines the what unix it is running on
>> - install (or upgrade) any missing modules and download them via apt,
>> yum, port, emerge, pkg_add or whatever
>> - ask to install (or upgrade) optional modules and download them
>> - install (or upgrade to) the latest stable MailScanner
>> - install the correct startup script for each distribution
>> - setup a working MailScanner.conf by asking the basics (mail server,
>> hostname, organization, enable av, spam checks, etc)
>> - ??
>> I know it would take a complete re-write of the but it's
>> something I would wish to see.
Apart from the determine which OS it is and configure bit, doesn't the 
new repository do just that?
> But come to think of it it would be nice if the script would warn that
> it will cause update conflicts because it will force some packages.
> Preferably it should never use the force option or at least ask for
> explicite permission to do so.
THAT would be a nice touch...
Maybe only display errors during the install but log everything?


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