Multiple confusions on my part.

Steve Campbell campbell at
Sun Sep 28 00:45:22 IST 2008

Quoting Kevin Miller <Kevin_Miller at>:

> Scott Silva wrote:
> > I had a user complain that I didn't do anything and they got too much
> > spam... So I gave them *ALL* of it. For the whole company. Even high
> > scoring stuff. They never complained again!  ;-P
> > 
> > Member in good standing of the BOFH West Coast chapter, US division
> My hero!  I usually content myself w/sending them a .png of the stats in
> the upper right of the MailWatch screen.  When they see the 75% spam and
> the numbers they stop whining about the three they got that week.
> Maybe I'll turn the filters off for 10 minutes on the day I retire.
> That outta earn me a gold watch.  Or a first class lynching...
> ...Kevin
> -- 

The worst, I think, are the people who complain about the Daily Quarantine
Report I send them from Mailwatch that is too big for them to review everyday.
And my sendmail access file with all those REJECTs is huge. So there really is
no winning for the poor email admin.


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