Multiple confusions on my part.

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at
Fri Sep 26 23:59:35 IST 2008

Scott Silva wrote:
> I had a user complain that I didn't do anything and they got too much
> spam... So I gave them *ALL* of it. For the whole company. Even high
> scoring stuff. They never complained again!  ;-P
> Member in good standing of the BOFH West Coast chapter, US division

My hero!  I usually content myself w/sending them a .png of the stats in
the upper right of the MailWatch screen.  When they see the 75% spam and
the numbers they stop whining about the three they got that week.

Maybe I'll turn the filters off for 10 minutes on the day I retire.
That outta earn me a gold watch.  Or a first class lynching...

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