Multiple confusions on my part.

Anthony Cartmell ajcartmell at
Mon Sep 29 12:25:05 IST 2008

> The worst, I think, are the people who complain about the Daily  
> Quarantine
> Report I send them from Mailwatch that is too big for them to review  
> everyday.

I modified my daily MailWatch report to have two features:

1) Messages sorted by spam score first, then date and time.
2) Rows have coloured background set by spam score. White for low scores,  
up to dark red for high ones.

Means it's easy to scan to see how many might be false positives (the  
white background rows, if any), and you only need to check the top of the  
table. It's very clear that all the messages at the bottom are definite  

A daily MailWatch report in this format gives two benefits:
1) Easy to spot any false positives, so users feel comfortable that  
nothing can get lost in the filter.
2) A graphic demonstration of the work that MailScanner is doing.


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