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2008/9/14 Hugo van der Kooij <hvdkooij at>:
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> Alex Broens wrote:
>> On 9/14/2008 1:04 PM, Glenn Steen wrote:
>>> Yes, well... they seem to be indacations of the same thing. So far
>>> only observed on CentOS 5.2 boxes (I've had reports that it's working
>>> OK on Slackware as well as Mandriva).
>> Centos 4.x and older MS release as well (most of my production boxes)
> Alex can you compare the list of packages on Centos 4 and Centos 5?
> Could this be a revival of past issues with the perl-IO module?

Yes, it very much could.
Then again, I'm not sure exactly what is happening... I suspect even
Jules is a tad baffled here:-).

>>> The problem is that the "exploding" of the message as read from the
>>> queue file fails. It simply returns nothing.
>> so that's the bug...
> What would it take to write a seperate program that calls upon the
> MailScanner code and compare the MailScanner results against postcat?

Pretty much writing MailScanner for a singel thread....;-). IMO it's
not that easily separable. Much easier to just ... put some serious
debug "breakpoints" and printouts at various stages, then running a
single batch with a singel queue file.
Which is pretty much what I did on my systems.

> That way we can find a set of sample queue files to work on and the
> difference might tell us why it does not work all the time.

On my systems it did just work, with or without debug code. With Alex
"bad" files.
One thing I noted about the quarantined messages on Alex box was that
they all lacked the message file... Similar infections on my box all
have trhe expected message, zip-file and executable in the quarantine
dir. So this is an easy thing to look for, for all youfollowing this
thread. If you have virus quarantine directories lacking the message
file (provided you do as Alex and I, and don't quarantine the complete
queue file!), then you probably suffer from the attachment exploding
If you do, it would be interresting to see if it is, as I suspect,
solely a CentOS 5.2 (or RHEL) problem.

> Hugo.

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