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Glenn Steen wrote:
> On my systems it did just work, with or without debug code. With Alex
> "bad" files.
> One thing I noted about the quarantined messages on Alex box was that
> they all lacked the message file... Similar infections on my box all
> have trhe expected message, zip-file and executable in the quarantine
> dir. So this is an easy thing to look for, for all youfollowing this
> thread. If you have virus quarantine directories lacking the message
> file (provided you do as Alex and I, and don't quarantine the complete
> queue file!), then you probably suffer from the attachment exploding
> problem.
> If you do, it would be interresting to see if it is, as I suspect,
> solely a CentOS 5.2 (or RHEL) problem.

It would also be noteworthy to see how you installed everything. I
started to take notes on the versions of rpmforge and what Jules
included as source RPM.

A lot of packages now seem to conflict with perl itself. If the
statement is valid that sitelib goes for archlib I can rewrite all spec
files to split properly but I can only rebuild them on Centos 5 for the
i386 architecture at the moment. It will not work on Centos 4

It will basically mean I will rebuild everything one needs for Centos 5
that is not part of Centos 5 and put it in the repository.

There is a load of perl packages part of the MailScanner rpm.tgz file.
But are they all required?


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