R: Spamassassin Timeout issue.

Andrew MacLachlan andrew at gdcon.net
Wed Sep 10 23:26:10 IST 2008

Scott Silva wrote:
> I think you can also get some timeouts if you are hitting the spamhaus 
> blacklisting for too many queries. I do believe they are on by default 
> in spamassassin. I know you can get hit if spamhaus is in your MTA, 
> but I assume the same could happen to spamassassin.
There's the thing - having read the Spamhaus Usage page 
(http://www.spamhaus.org/organization/dnsblusage.html) it's immediately 
obvious that it's not a good idea to enable it by default in SA (even 
though I like the service):

"Use of the Spamhaus DNSBLs via DNS queries to our public DNSBL servers 
is free of charge if you meet /all three/ of the following criteria:

   1. Your use of the Spamhaus DNSBLs is non-commercial*, /and/
   2. Your email traffic is less than 100,000 SMTP connections per day,
   3. Your DNSBL query volume is less than 300,000 queries per day.

If you do not fit /all three/ of these criteria then please do not use 
our public DNSBL servers"

*Definition: "non-commercial use" is use for any purpose other than as 
part or all of a product or service that is resold, or for use of which 
a fee is charged. For example, using our DNSBLs in a commercial spam 
filtering appliance that is then sold to others requires a data feed, 
regardless of use volume. The same is true of commercial spam filtering 
software and commercial spam filtering services.

A company that uses our DNSBLs solely to filter their own email 
qualifies as a non-commercial user and may use our free public DNSBLs if 
that company's email volume and DNSBL query volume is below the free use 
limits. The same is true for any non-profit organization, school, 
religious organization, or private individual who operates their own 
mail server."


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