AW: Using Spamd rather than the SpamAssassin Library

Scott Silva ssilva at
Mon Sep 8 20:00:11 IST 2008

on 9-8-2008 8:27 AM Drew Marshall spake the following:
> On 8 Sep 2008, at 14:13, Matt Hampton wrote:
>> Drew Marshall wrote:
>>> One small question, so I can try to tune things a little more. How 
>>> does MS hand the batch over to spamd? Is this one batch per spamd 
>>> child? I have started spamd with an optimistic -m 30 and my MS 10 
>>> children are romping 20+ SA children, which seems a bit high.
>> It does one per message - as there is the possibility that you are 
>> using a different user for each message.   I haven't seen this cause a 
>> slowdown and even with 20 children, it will still be using less than 
>> 10 copies of the rules in MailScanner.
>> Can you see what status they are in (it will be in the maillog)
> Interesting... So there is the potential that with say 10 children, each 
> with 20 messages that I am going to need 200 SA children? I fear I will 
> have run out of memory by then! Hmm...
I think the spamd children use much less memory then the children started by 

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