AW: Using Spamd rather than the SpamAssassin Library

Drew Marshall drew.marshall at
Wed Sep 10 08:48:38 IST 2008

On 9 Sep 2008, at 23:00, Matt Hampton wrote:

> Matt Hampton wrote:
>> I take it you mean unix socket - if so yes - minor tweak required -  
>> I'll send a diff when <day job> is finished
> OK - have updated the file on the webserver
> if you specify a path with at least one "/" in it
> spamd serv = /some/path
> it will ignore the port and call the client with socketpath

Ok done this and it's now reporting 'Failed to create connection to  
spamd daemon: Connection refused' in debug (Mind you the mail doesn't  
half go though quick like that, although spam do increase a fair bit!).

As far as I can see the socket is correct with correct permissions and  
I have even moved it to /tmp to make sure it's not a permissions error  
in the directories above. Any ideas?


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