AW: Using Spamd rather than the SpamAssassin Library

Matt Hampton spamlists at
Mon Sep 8 17:27:51 IST 2008

Drew Marshall wrote:
> Interesting... So there is the potential that with say 10 children, 
> each with 20 messages that I am going to need 200 SA children? I fear 
> I will have run out of memory by then! Hmm...
Nope - they are processed sequentially - each batch will open a 
connection for the first message, wait for the response, close the 
connection, open the connection for the second message etc

Once each message is finished there is a short delay whilst the server 
thread shuts down (updating bayes etc) before it can be used again. So 
it is possible for more than one child to be open per MS Child.


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