AW: Using Spamd rather than the SpamAssassin Library

Matt Hampton spamlists at
Mon Sep 8 14:13:45 IST 2008

Drew Marshall wrote:
> It's still working fine on a box that looks like it's going to chomp 
> ~16k messages today :-)
> One small question, so I can try to tune things a little more. How 
> does MS hand the batch over to spamd? Is this one batch per spamd 
> child? I have started spamd with an optimistic -m 30 and my MS 10 
> children are romping 20+ SA children, which seems a bit high.
It does one per message - as there is the possibility that you are using 
a different user for each message.   I haven't seen this cause a 
slowdown and even with 20 children, it will still be using less than 10 
copies of the rules in MailScanner. 

Can you see what status they are in (it will be in the maillog)



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